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October 26, 2012
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Sonic Base: Save You by TardInTehBases Sonic Base: Save You by TardInTehBases
1. Link back to the base.
2. Use this base well.
Alright, I'm on a difficult computer situation, which is why I have been inactive until now.

But you guys get minimum rules!
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sunshineb13 Jan 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
that's some strong wind XD
sunshineb13 Jan 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
There is lot of wind
Nice, thanks for using the base ^^
Thanks. But really my art sucks. I don't see WHY or HOW peeps make theirs look AWESOME! 
Like you.
I didn't do very good at first. I just have had a lot of practice.

Like, 5 years of it.

You've got a much better grasp of how to properly use image editing programs than I did.

Trust me, you'll get better if you just keep going, I didn't even have much of an interest in drawing at first, and l gotten sorta good.
I started 4th grade and now I'm 6th grade. I only have Paint and I can't shade. EVEN MY LAMA LOOKS BAD!
I can't really shade either, other than simple shading or cheating at it.

I do most of my work in Paint, and I used to do all of it in Paint, until a year or two ago.

I started in 6th Grade. I'm in 11th now, and I'm nearly a 'legal' adult.

And llamas are f'in difficult, I couldn't draw one (or anything not Sonic-styled) to save my life.

Don't give up just because others are better than you.

Heck, I watch people who are leagues ahead of me in skill. 

I have friends who I consider way better than me, because they can get out a decent-looking sketch in minutes without having to redraw it over and over again, and I take nearly an hour most times to just get posing right. 

If you were to find my traditional art, especially the sketches, it's a complete mess, and I end up erasing a lot too.

When I was your age, even if it was when I was starting, I couldn't grasp the line curve tool. 

At least twice I gave up drawing for a while, because I thought I'd never get good. My family tells me I should draw less Sonic and try to draw more "real" things.

Even now, I'd rather use bases instead of drawing on my own, because I don't want to screw up.

I only got this far because I kept trying.

Here's a tip, though I'm sure you've hear it before: If you get a drawing idea, draw it as soon as you can, even if it's just a doodle. Try to draw everyday. 
Also, it's fine to compare yourself to others, but instead of using it to put yourself down, use it as motivation. Look at the art of someone you think draws well, and tell yourself, "I will draw like that one day." 
I did that when I started, and I ended up surpassing some of the people I looked up to in skill. And after a while, you develop your own sense of what you want to draw like.

For example, the people who draw Sonic characters really curvy and busty?
They draw really well, but I never want to draw like them, because I don't believe Sonic characters are meant to look like that. Same with male characters that have unnecessary muscle.

It's fine if you wish to draw like that, but don't do so just because others do. Draw what you want because you want to.

I'm so sorry for the text block >~< 
1) I meant my lama on DA. It's on my file. It looks like everything has a rash.

2) I kill erasers 'cause I mess up too much.

3) I can only draw Sonic stuff....and a tree and flower.

4) 99% of my art are base used.

5) I have a friend who's 15 he's greendounut400 on here. His art on here is good but mine is crap to that. I've here 5 months and he's been here like 1 and he's STILL better than me! His art on paper is BAD***! But he sucks at Sonic, but he's gonna learn on here because it's more professional than mine is. He really likes my Sonic(the one I draw on paper) and he's the only reason why I'm better than before I was back then. He's been my teacher for as long as I can remember.

6) Yeah I've seen peeps who draw like that. It's good but I don't wanna draw like that either.

7) Thanks for the advice.^_^

8) I don't mind the text block. I'm a book worm.
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